The ghost ship haunts the sea

…she’ll come back and marry me

a new Robyn yarn:

The Ghost Ship
Like masonry in the abyss
That opens every time we kiss
I hear their laughter echo round the bay
And the ghost ship sails on into someone’s life

-Robyn Hitchcock
oh yes, the cook, the mate, the captain, too…they’re all in there…little laughing head beads all throughout a bulky single, soft and gray, peppered with torn ‘sail cloth’ (muslin fabric) and tufts of copper sparkle.

i haven’t weighed it yet, but it’s hefty…well over 100 bulky yards. will post over the weekend. along with a bunch of other stuff i haven’t had time to update. forgive me, i have a toddler. who wakes up at 2AM and says, ‘i want to go downstairs.’ ugh.

i’m tired.


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