dude, where’s my house?

it snowed. and it snowed and it snowed and it snowed. and then i took this picture:

…and then we had a freaking blizzard.
at least there was sun for an hour or two.

, i think it was an excellent idea to start 2008 over again on Chinese New Year. things may not, as yet, be turning completely around for me, but my attitude as of this past week, certainly has. i am beginning to feel some stirrings of anticipation for spring, and the cleaning that comes along with it…mental, physical, spiritual. i’m ready for an overhaul and a damn good scrubbing.

to seal the deal, i have started a project. it’s a test of will…sort of…a way to measure my commitment to…committing. can i actually finish a knitting project that is an actual garment, rather than a mere accessory? i’m talking adult sizes, here. the kiddo has several knit sweaters from mama, but now it’s my turn to make something for me. so, i’m taking on this, but with full-length sleeves and mods to make it a top-down raglan (i haaaaaaate seaming). sweet, yes, but even sweeter in dark chocolate with a hint of pink Malabrigo worsted merino. thanks, mom. 🙂
anyway, the idea is to finish it by next weekend. a sweater in a week. please don’t laugh if you know how i am with these projects.

get this: i even updated my website today! i’m on a roll…
i did not, however, finish the two yarns i had planned, as the monthly migraine swallowed me whole last night and didn’t spit me out until mid-morning. but, there are a few new things up, and tons more to come in the next couple of weeks as some orders come in…

i was also held up by the terrible-horrible-no-good-very-bad-thing that is my 2007 taxes. i was hoping for a nice get-us-through-until-spring refund, but alas, it is not at all like last year. apparently last year, we were just poor enough to get every credit…but, ha! get a little bit poorer and then you’re just shit out of luck. yippee.

but, here’s where the new attitude comes in…it doesn’t matter. we’ll make it work. if i hadn’t needed to buy a new computer this past year, i would only have been $200 shy of breaking even with the biz. i think that’s pretty good for just really getting it started a year ago. so there, world. eat my positive attitude.

since it’s only ten minutes away, HAPPY MONDAY!


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