raffle winner…take two!

bah! i had to draw again, as the first winner’s email address failed. twice. but now, really really, the raffle is over.

and so is v-day. we watched a depressing film, are totally exhausted, and i’m looking forward to a three-hour dentist appointment tomorrow for the it’s-been-a-decade-deep-cleaning-and-cavity-fill. i’m scared to death of the needles and have been near-panic-attack all day long because of it. i called to tell them i was really freaked out and to be prepared, but the receptionist chuckled and said not to worry about it, they’re used to it. i don’t think they understand. it took 4 shots to get me numb for the pulling of one tooth the other month (for which i still need to get my bridge), and they are going to be working on all four quadrants of my mouth tomorrow. it sure as hell better not take 12 shots to get me numb or…or…well, crap, i guess i have no choice but to just sit there and take it, but…i don’t want to.
i love how i get to pay insane amounts of $$$ that i don’t have so i can be tortured in a chair. wheeeee! fortunately, there are payment plans for torture.

took pics of some new goodies, and the FG patterns came! will likely update over the weekend, ’cause i’ll be shaky until tomorrow afternoon.

and yes, i admit. i am a total woos when it comes to mouth stuff…i have not had a day go by yet since the tooth extraction that i haven’t thought about it and shuddered. it was a truly traumatic experience and i am wondering how to constructively work through it. perhaps, once i get the bridge in (i still have to wait two months for that), i will have some closure. right now, i have this horrid gap, right in the front, reminding me constantly of the event…the pulling, twisting, splintering…it was such a gut-wrenching all-sensory experience…watching the surgeon’s face and hearing the tooth break apart, having a piece of myself forcibly removed. i’m nauseous writing about it. so i’ll stop.

okay, i’m going to go think about fluffy things like sheep and daisies. good night!


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