love and zombies and bunnies, oh my

ME is sitting cross-legged on the floor, knitting on a yummy sweater. PROGENY is on hands and knees, pushing his front loader ahead of him.

PROGENY: Excuse me!!!

ME scoots out of the way, to allow the construction vehicle to pass by and do what is, no doubt, a very important job.

PROGENY: I’m going to Mexico! (sounds like: Mexo!)
ME: Have you ever been to Mexico?
PROGENY: (hesitates)…Yeah.
ME: What are you going to do when you get there?

enter PAPA-CREATURE. a conversation ensues about the unlikelihood of finding apples growing in Mexico…some papaya perhaps? it is now an hour past bedtime and PROGENY has been cunningly avoiding jammification (don’t look up this word).

PAPA-CREATURE: You know, everybody wears jammies in Mexico.
PAPA-CREATURE: So, if you want to go to Mexico and get apples, then we need to put jammies on.
PROGENY: (chews on this for a moment)…OKAY!

and here is the bunny (see subject):

Fluffy white coopworth carded up with some bright and beautiful rainbow angora and spun up into a soft, even worsted-weight 2-ply.

the love:

I spent V-Day with my sweet little man, making ‘Kick-Ass Cocoa Spice Muffins’ and cutting Peter Rabbit fabric into heart shapes for a wool-stuffed mobile we’re working on. He’s so super-fabulous I can’t stand it.

the zombies:

because we are total nerds. Our V-Day gift from my mom. Heh.

and hair:

Please pardon the awful morning-head picture, but this is what happens when I reach up behind my noggin with scissors and just go at it.

More yarn later, and an update, too.


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