so much stuffs

okay, i did it.
Shoppe is updated with the goods thus far. Still waiting on new needles and images for the French Girl patterns, BUT, two yarns and a gaggle of new glass closures have been added.

Everything Nice II:

…just a whole lot of everything all mashed up together. Very fun and bouncy. I love it with the zebra closure:

so, the dental appointment…I didn’t die. It was awful and uncomfortable, and there were six fillings to be done rather than four, but I survived. I held my mouth open for three hours straight, and since my mouth is tiny, the skin was rubbed raw around the edges from gloved hands and instruments. bleh! I’m healing, though, and the next two appointments (for the bridge) shouldn’t be nearly as long or involved. I will feel so much better when my mouth is whole again.

Alright, so I wasn’t able to complete a sweater in a week, but I should be done with the body by tomorrow, and have only the sleeves and collar (no seams) to finish:

…mmmmmmmm Malabrigo.


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