i don’t sew…

…but i’m doing it, anyway.

…following a sweet little tutorial on savvyseams.com
because i don’t have enough projects. ha.

So, bit the bullet and pulled several skeins from the Shoppe to donate to the Swag Bags for the Stitch ‘n Bitch cruise, rounding it out with some stickers/buttons/biz cards with little snippets of yarn attached. I am still determined to drive traffic to the site without spending money on advertisting. HOWEVER, I would love to hear feedback from anyone who has tried advertising on Ravelry. I see that the rates are quite reasonable, so do tell if you’ve had increased traffic with your ad…I was thinking about trying the ‘notebook’ page.

Also, would like to start a networking group for Art Spinners/Knitters on Facebook. Yes, I joined it. Email me if you’re interested: thespunmonkey@gmail.com

And, and, and: I think Moving Mud did a fantastic job with the closure match. Lookie:

Perhapses I will post to Etsy, but it is already up on the website, so…eh (read: lazy).

Since I have morning-fog-brain and this post is already all over the place, here’s a question for anyone with the Intertwined book…can you find me? I received an email about getting a copy, but have no idea how I contributed???? Help!!! *dying of curiosity*
edit: got my answer (thanks

)! ’twas the hat i crocheted, and it’s in the back in the Before/After gallery.

Happy Tuesday!


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