A bitty update for the Shoppe:


This one’s dedicated to

, and is my ode to the spittlebugs that bubbly-spit all of our daises and black-eyed susans in the summertime. I needed some sunshine and greenery on my wheel or I would start losing my over-wintered marbles. Warm today, but we’ll be getting more snow this weekend. Boo!

And here’s some corespun Lemongrass:

Various wools, tussah silk noils and sari silk.

I even went so far as to also list these items on my neglected Etsy Shop. So, felt and some more yarns to come on Sunday (if the weather cooperates for photos), and probably more felt in general for the next bit of a while, since I got my load of fibery yumminess from

 this week!
See my boy do the fiber dance of joy and then collapse from fiber-glee-induced-exhaustion:

Thanks, Holly!

If you are familiar with my shop, than you know that I source humane fibers from small family farms. This is because I have a deep respect for all the creatures on this planet. And do you know what else? I DO NOT FEED WILD ANIMALS. Here is the story I heard on Vermont Public Radio this morning (minus the expletives I am likely to insert):

A beautiful moose took up residence in a Vermont apple orchard over the last couple of months, attracting many moose-oglers. Well, the moose had to be euthanized this week after it collapsed and nothing could be done to save it. Why? Because the stupid #*$%ing idiot people who came to look at the big pretty moose thought it was a grand idea to feed it. And what did they feed it? DONUTS. Fucking donuts. What, seriously, what is the matter with people? Is it really that cute to watch an animal eat junk food? Well, they killed it, the poor thing.

It’s like when my son was a tiny baby and people would offer him ridiculous things to eat, like it was going to be so cute to watch him try to eat  ________(insert inappropriate food for babies here).

Yes, I’ve been stewing about this all day. And no, I don’t think it’s fair not to give people the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they were perfectly nice people who were feeding crap to the moose. BUT, they weren’t thinking, and this world would be a much better place if people thought about how their actions affected the lives of others. That is all.


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