work day (*yawn*)

The boys were gone most of the day, so of course, I made yarn and played with felt. It was not an unusual sort of day, but I’m so exhausted I can barely see. Why am I not in bed? Because, ironically enough, that’s the place where I can’t sleep, no matter how tired I am. This too, shall pass (I hope).

Anyway, here’s a preview of some thingses in tomorrow’s shop update:

Treasure Chest
A mystery wool treasure carded with some fluffy white coopworth, alternating between corespun and wrapped with threads.

Everything Nice III

Super, super bulky! Like, thicker than my pinky finger sometimes. Mad fun right here, oh yes.

Some scarves were completed, too…pictures tomorrow, when it’s NOT SNOWING. Seriously, was snow really necessary today? Just for the record: I am officially sticking a fork in this Winter. Done. Finished. Bring on the crocuses and my black-cap raspberries. I want a picnic with iced tea by the river and sunblock on my Irish skin.


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