Volvos do not last forever.

I think the subject line pretty much sums up my day. As soon as he said the word “transmission,” I knew that it was over. I had a feeling it just wasn’t healthy to have become good friends with my mechanic, to have his number memorized simply because I have dialed it so often in times of need. Anyway, the car is not worth transmission work, hell it’s probably not even worth an oil change at this stage of entropy, but point A and point B are so damn far away when one lives semi-rurally that I simply must have a vehicle. So, just a shout-out to the universe: This monkey needs a new ride.

On to prettier things…here is a preview of tonight’s updates:

Hopi Red Dye
Spun from the lock from a luscious bag of cotswold from

. I don’t think I’ll ever card a lock again.

On the left: Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me: Merino and silk chiffon, and on the right: Railroad II…because I had to make another. Had to.

and more lock-y goodness, because I have Spring on my mind and am dreaming of our vining roses coming back to life:

Heirloom Rose
I don’t think I need to tell you where this fiber came from. 🙂

All will be up in the Shoppe tonight (probably late), and on Etsy tomorrow…

And, speaking of tomorrow…it is another day off for C and we will be pouring over seed catalogs, oh yes, planning our summer garden. He’s been gathering saplings out back for building a hoop house for our veggies and two chicken-tractors for our feathered friends to range about the pasture in safety. Baby chick-chicks will be coming, too. I think this will be our best (and last) summer in Vermont. We are so excited about it that I think we might actually, for reals, burst. Tomorrow I send off my application for a booth at the Saturday Farmer’s Market in Brattleboro. When I vended there two years ago, with just yarn, I ended up bowing out during the hottest months of the season. No one wanted to look at wool when it was 90 degrees with a billion percent humidity. But, this year, I have a whole slew of felt projects planned (some still secret, but I promise I will share soon), that I think will be attractive to the summer crowd and keep things interesting during the knitting ‘off-season.’

Hey, look at me procrastinating.
Night night!


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