coming clean…and good thoughts, please!

Okay, I just have to get this off my chest…
I have been unfaithful to LJ, and am cross-posting to Blogger also. It’s all the same posts, but it’s another of my attempts to get myself out there without spending money on advertising or travelling super-far to shows with high table fees. You know, join some blog rings and…expose myself. Go ahead, say it (and I know you already did

): I’m a Blog Ho.

Onto the good thoughts…C is interviewing for a new job today. It may not be more pay, but it will be steady and regular work, and he would be in a supervisory role rather than just grunting through his day. Then again, it could be more pay. But anyway, the word steady and the phrase regular work are the exciting bits. And (bonus party) it’s only twenty minutes away instead of forty-five. After spending $3.25/gallon filling the dying Volvo this morning (yes, I plan to drive it until it absolutely will not shift anymore), shaving nearly an hour off the daily commute is a big deal.
Want, want, want!

Happy Pi Day, all! Today we place our order for veggie seeds….wheeeee!


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