…so the top left is what happens when you put an egg in a hibiscus tea blend bath. Black! I was thinking…purple, maybe? Nope. I got a mottled black. Not what I was going for, but delightfully macabre and interesting nonetheless. Middle is spinach…very subtle…and the right is red cabbage. I think the mottled colors are due to the home-grown egg factor. Commercial eggs, even the organic ones are routinely washed in bleach and then coated with mineral oil to keep them fresh. We just wash our eggs in warm, soapy water, so there must be some residue that prevents the dye from taking evenly. Personally, I find it charming.

The Spring Table! C found the robin’s nest abandoned in our wisteria last summer. The egg in the first picture in the bottom right corner is dyed with red onion skins…same dyebath as for the yarn. It came out a yummy chocolate brown color, although I was expecting red. Pretty, but very dark colors for Spring. Oh, well.

And here is how the red onion skin dye bath worked with cotswold wool yarn:

Cry Me a River
A bronze-y sort of gold. Nice, but not my color. So, it’s up on Etsy.

There are some yarn photos to posty-post, but alas, uploading pics and updating even just the Etsy shop took forever. Must sleep. More tomorrow!


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