Pineapple Vinegar (for making Latin American Sauerkraut) and Apple Chutney
The best part is that only the skin and core are used to make the vinegar, so we were able to feast on the perfect fruit. I try to buy local and in season 90% of the time, so this is definitely a treat to splurge on an organic pineapple.

Car (affectionately referred to as the Vulva) has experienced a minor miracle. I think I must have miscalculated it’s lives, and it was only on the 8th. Now, it must be on the 9th after a $65 repair. I went to the bike shop today…wondering if I can get myself back in shape to tote my little dude behind me the 17 miles into town, muchly uphill, on a hybrid bike. On a regular basis. Hmmmmm. I used to cycle Century rides often in the Bay Area, but that was many moons ago, in my life BC (Before Child). But, this idea is not entirely removed from the realm of possibility. It is not, however, going to be an adequate replacement for a vehicle,…but I would like to think I could be that burly again.

So, now that I’ve cried over spilled milk and been handed a towel, yet again, I will leave you all with this:

The Little Guy can always sum up a situation more succinctly than I. And he has an adorable tongue.

Oh, whoops. I said projects, plural, didn’t I?
So, I’m working on knitting up examples of the French Girl patterns for sale on my site, with handspun yarns. Fantine has now been frogged into a giant ball:

…and will soon become Giselle. I have the US 35 circulars to prove it. I really hope it works this time, because I carded up a whole heckuva lot of batts to make a blue on gray version of the above yarn, and want to sell it as a kit.

And, have I ever mentioned how much I heart Ravelry? Am trading some handspun for a giant pile of discontinued Berocco Denim Silk for a summer knit. Yay!

Really, really, that is all. Night night!


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