new things and old things and other things…

New Things:

-I taught my first spinning class today! Two lovely ladies came from NYC and participated in my wittle coils class. They were eager, it was quite fun, and I hope another opportunity to teach comes up soon! I’d like to do a series of classes, covering techniques that build on each other, but I’m not sure there are enough folks around here who spin to really get something like that going.

-The Cortido is brewing in the pineapple vinegar I made:

-I finally spun up for a swap that is long overdue:

swap on the left, a fun little example for my class today on the right

Old Things:

-It is 5pm and I have had two visitors to my website today. No traffic is getting old. I am wondering if it is even worth it to keep the website going. When I had a Knitty Covet Central ad, I think I had maybe 30 folks per day. The site has been live for just about a year at this point…for those of you with your own websites, how long did it take you to get decent traffic? Do I need to saw off a limb? Sure, some days are better than others, but today is just saaaaaaaaaad.


Two days in a row. Before yesterday, we had bulbs coming up…a sure sign of Spring. Now, I wonder if they will have their chance at all this year, having been buried again. Really, snow…get the hell off my car, my house and my damn garden. You have had several months of these surfaces all to yourself, and now I would like the sun to shine on them. Thank you.

Other Things:

-My boy will be 3 next week. I’m not sure how I feel about this. He is quite sure, however, that he is a mammal, quite possibly a bear, and that when it turns April he will be cake with candles in it.

-I’m waiting a week and a half to hear back from the Farmer’s Market jury. Ugh.


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