aahhhh, quiet….

We turned Earth Hour into Earth Night and now we’re ready to invest in oil lamps and say screw electricity in the evening hours. Seriously. It was so sweet to read bedtime story to our boy by candlelight, and then to come downstairs and not have the distraction of the internet and no wifi radiation bouncing off the walls, just the quiet, contemplative, flickery candles…I must admit, it was difficult to engage in anything…I just sort of floated in a sleepy bubble until we went up to bed. But, I feel more rested than I have in months, maybe years. Just not having all the artificial lights and the computer screen right up until the lights-out moment before bed made such a huge difference in the quality of my sleep. I think if we did use oil lamps instead of candles, I could spin and do the usual what-not, but still get the benefits of resting my body and eyes and ears from the onslaught of electricity and radiation and have that great sleep every night. 


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