I’m a farmgirl…

I used a pitchfork yesterday…really! I think that makes it official…my farmgirl status, that is. I raked and raked and then I pitched and pitched…gobs of leafy matter for the fabulous chickens. I think we’re officially friends now. See, the fella is the one out there at 6AM feeding them and what-not every morning, so he is their super-hero and I am just that other human, the useless creature that visits them during the day and steals things and tries in vain to lovingly pat their silkiness. BUT, then I brought them LEAVES! Oh, their joy. It was infectious. They scratched and spread it around and cooed and warbled…how they have been longing for a taste of Spring! Their ranging yard is still under snow, poor dears, but soon they will be happily chickening about in their tractors all over the pasture. Anyway, a pile full of mucky, rotten leaves full of tiny, yummy grubs and things and now we are tight, those chickens and I. Tight.

And this will be my duty all week long…when I am not in fiber-prep-madness mode. Rake, rake, rake. Pitch, pitch, pitch. We are determined to stay on top of it and get the most fabulous garden in the universe rolling this year…we have a billion-and-one butterfly-and-bee-attracting flowers to plant, and climbing peas for shade (and snacking) around the sandbox, a veggie garden to map out whilst we start our seeds indoors, and bricks to lay for paths and patios.

In shoppe news, 

 and I will be rockin’ the Art Star Craft Bazaar May 31st and June 1st. Whoot!
So, the mad crafting will continue beyond MDSW, but I think it will be really good for me to keep the momentum going, challenge myself to find new ways to keep the creative mojo fires stoked, and have fun whilst I’m at it.

Happy Monday!


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