bullet points…

-I have not worn long woolen underwear for at least a week, and the forecast is for continued Springy-ness.

-I picked a bright, sunny spot for my booth at Market, so as not to let myself hide in shadows, as is my inclination. I am proud of this.

-Poo-Poo Lip Balm is Yucky, according to my son. Seemed like important information to pass along, should you ever encounter such a thing.

-I need only wear my “stay plate” (fake tooth in retainer form) for three more days. On Friday, I will be made whole again.

-My “Spam” folder currently contains these three gems:
    More meat is never excessive
    High-end watches for respectable people
    Learn how to be masterpecker

-I will delete these gems promptly.

-At the library the other day, the little guy was making a Picture-Book Mountain (remove all picture books from the shelves and stack them in a pile on the floor….I love cleaning up this one), and came across a Teletubbies book. We do not use screen media in our house (no TV, no videos, etc.), so he has never encountered said abhorrent creatures (and I’d like to keep it that way). He brought the book over to me, pointed to the freakish dancing blobs on the cover and said, “Hippies!


-I have been spinning: Dream
    I had a beach dream the other night…I live in southern Vermont and have not seen a beach in almost three years. I wanted to spin myself a seashell.

-There are some very exciting developments underway that will bring us back to Cali before the end of the year.

-More on that later.

-Happy Tuesday!


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