Chix…the album cover


In other news, I got the kind of feedback from my last Etsy customer that makes you feel all lovely-squishy inside and it made my day and quite possibly, my whole month. Thank you!!!

A while ago, my husband read Out of the Silent Planet by CS Lewis aloud to me whilst I spun. The descriptions of the Malacandrian landscape are so vivid and delicious and…I don’t know…palpable. It has inspired me to work on an ongoing series of corespun landscapes…I love the way this technique lends itself to otherworldly explorations of texture and color, ethereal yet solid, like just the moment in time and space where earth meets sky. If that makes sense. I am calling this project, simply, the Landscape Series. Anyway, here are the latest:

Landscape Series #2
Dreamy-soft llama/targhee blend makes up the bulk of this batt, with some sari silk, coopworth, sparkle and crimpy white nylon-y fiber. Two of these will land in the shop and two will make their way south to Baltimore tomorrow.

Landscape Series #3
I have no idea what all loveliness and fairy dust are in this batt, but I’m guessing a bunch of cotswold and corriedale chunks. It’s spun up from a crazy quilt batt by Sandy and the Sheep at Homestead Wool and Gift Farm. Very squishy and light and super-textured.

In other other news, the fellas being sick and the kiddo being on Spring Break this past week has left me no choice but to pretty much liquidate my shop to meet the minimum number of goods to send down the MDSW. Bah. I haaaaate just meeting the minimum. It is my nature to go above and beyond always, in all things. But, I just don’t have the kind of situation that lends itself to meeting quantity deadlines at this time. I refuse to skimp on quality, so that leaves me with…not as much stuff.
And now the pickle: Opening weekend for the Farmer’s Market is this Saturday, May 3rd!!! I did hold back a number of new yarns for said event, as much as I would have liked to send more of them down to the sheep and wool fest. Bigger and better felt pieces are in the works, and I should have at least a few done this week, and the new greeting cards are pending the arrival of a few supplies…designs are already narrowed down. Kiddo goes back to school, so I will have at least six hours of uninterrupted studio time this week, which may not sound like much, but it is always so refreshing to be working on art during daylight hours that I treasure every moment of it.

Anyway, we are building my market booth tomorrow, and I think it’s going to be beautiful when we are finished with it. I will probably need to work on my sign a bit during the week…use a bit of the leftover house paint perhaps, as C reminded me that milk paint would wash off in the rain. Duh.

Update tonight will be on Etsy…I have little energy for re-sizing photos and messing with Dreamweaver. Must spin more and off to bed.


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