Break time…

Yes, I know it’s after 10pm, and Market starts at 9am tomorrow (if you’re local, come visit me!!!). But, really, I just need to take a freaking break. I am still labeling and pricing, and have two scarves left for the second stage of felting…

Here is Rhoda modeling the latest:

Super squishy-soft merino, was a bit greasy and resisted felting…I took advantage and let my fingers pull it into cobwebby-ness…
I think Rhoda looks hotter in my dress than I do. Sigh. This is the dress I was wearing when I first kissed the father of my children. It always makes me feel beautiful and it happens to compliment most of the colors of scarves I have available for Market tomorrow.

Some other things that will be there:

A very productive week. It’s too bad I had to stay up every night until 1am to make it happen. I will be caught up soon, and then can have a more sane kind of production schedule. Heaped the plate up a little too high this time around. Ah, well.

Booth is not quite finished, but will take pics tomorrow…It is wanting of a shelf/cabinet-y thing that will probably go in before next week’s market.

Okay, back to the hot soapy water.
Wish me luck!


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