Market pics!

So, my insane (in a good way) husband, built me a timber-framed booth, with mortis and tenon joints and everything, cut from trees in our own backyard. Here is a picture of our $4.97 structure:

Yes, I know the chalkboard is blank…I forgot the damn pens. Next time it will advertise workshops and private instruction as well as some pricing info for the scarves. We all forget something on the first day.

Here is the side you can’t see in the above pic:

There are more pics on my Flickr (thespunmonkey) if you wanna see some other views.
After a little roof tune-up, it’s going to be a great spot to hang out and spin in public on Saturdays. I love being next to Laurie, who sells gorgeous perennial plants and Bingo granola is on my other side…yummy, local sprouted goodness. We’re also going to build a little platform for the chair/wheel because the ground is a bit too lumpy, and on a day like yesterday, damp.

I’m taking a break today, as I am muchly under-the-weather, but have plenty on the plate for this coming week. The card printing will hopefully commence, and it was requested by a few folks that I knit up some of the corespun so they can see how it looks. Happy to oblige! I think I will be much more prepared for Art Star at the end of this month than I was for Baz Biz and the MDSW this weekend. I am wishing now that I hadn’t committed myself to the latter, as I feel I didn’t send down a good representation of my work. It was sort of thrown together, stuff pulled from months ago, and it just didn’t even really look like my spinning anymore. There were a few new pieces that I was proud of, but other than that, I kind of think it would have been better just to pass as I’m feeling very self-conscious about it.

Well, off to update the site and then pass out in a chamomile-induced haze.


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