a day in the sun…

I woke today, refreshed and feeling much better…so I decided to take one more day off from crafting to work on the studio space and garden. C had the day off, so we took advantage and made some things happen:

Raised beds, baby. Oh, yes. These are for the lettuces.
And then there are these precious babies:

From left to right: borage, broccoli and…melons! There are ‘maters and peppers and lots of culinary herbs, too. Everything else (corn, peas, squash, etc.) will be directly sown this coming weekend, so long as frosts remain absent from the forecast. And flowers! I’m planting bachelor buttons and Job’s Tears…hooray for nature’s perfect bead! I hope we are able to harvest before we move.

And I was actually a wee bit productive on my sick-bed yesterday. I think I mentioned that a peruser at market requested I have some examples of how the corespun yarns knit up, since I had a plethora of the landscape series on display. I was just going to play with a simple scarf or some such, and then decided that I should really have a free pattern to go along with this series of yarns. So, the One-Hour Corespun Hat was born!

I will take better pics and make up a nice little pdf. Hard copies will go out with orders and I’ll make sure to have a free Ravelry download, as well. It really took me less than an hour, knit flat on US 19s. I will also provide instruction for knitting in the round, which I would have preferred had I some size 19 circulars.

So, we’re all feeling pretty good and accomplished around here, AND, we have a brand spanking new realtor coming tomorrow. It has been one whole, solid year since we put the house on the market. Time for a fresh approach, a lower price and some mooooooovement. Oh, my sweet Cali, we are homeward bound.



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