…my age.

Or, maybe I just look exhausted. After looking at this, I’ve decided that I should start caring about my appearance again. If not plucking the unibrow, perhaps at the very least trimming the fly-away Boris Karloff-esque bits. C has always really liked my crazy, unkempt brows, and I thought that was great because it saved me five minutes here and there to just leave them be, but…
Anyway, I took these pics for a fabulous friend of mine who sent me this gorgeous piece of jewelry. She only asked for a photo of the piece, like, six months ago. Sorry, Cinder! Will email them to yous shortly.

In other news, I picked dandies:

and we’ll be making wine. They are currently steeping in water, and we are hoping to track down some fermentation caps before I’m supposed to start the next step tomorrow. The beer/wine making supply shop is, of course, closed on Mondays and Tuesdays (and yes, we drove there to find this out). So, I guess I should say hopefully making wine.

And we ate these:

Definitely in my Top 10 Things I Love About New England. I sauteed them in garlic and fresh raw butter, added some feta, mustard and balsamic and holy wow. The little guy was so very excited to be eating “Spirals!” that he cleaned his plate and asked for more. Oh, how I adore thee, Fiddlehead, and how I weep for the shortness of your harvest season.

And I made some yarn:

Well, that’s the short and sweet of it. Tonight I have a date with some denim/hemp/wool batts…what a freaking mess. Now I remember why I dislike carding plant fibers. There was a fine layer of fluff all over everything in the room.

Happy Monday…


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