No wine.
We weren’t able to get the supplies we needed in time to continue to the next step in the process. Bah and Boo.

We would try again this weekend, but we will be busy with finishing up the fencing for…some new secret friends. To console ourselves, we talked a lot about the productiveness of our rosehips in the late summer. We’ll just make sure we have all our ducks in a row (and fermentation locks and yeast and what-not) ready ahead of time for making rosehip wine. Sounds yummier to me, anyway. The dandelion-day was not wasted, however. I really enjoyed sitting in the sun while C was building raised beds in the garden and the little guy was pushing a seed spreader around, collecting rocks. So I had to toss a foul-smelling bowl of overly-fermented dandelion petals out into the yard…but at least it was a glorious midday spent picking the petals and getting sticky yellow fingers. Would not trade it. Nope.

I think it was Saturday that the seeds were direct-sown, and we already have baby lettuces, tatsoi and purple mustard greens. Hopefully, many more seeds will go in this weekend…depends on how things go with said secret friends. I want my peas!

As I type, Etsy is being a bitch (I have to re-load four times each time I try to add a picture to a listing). I’ve spent a half-hour just on one listing, and if I weren’t doing other things (like this), I would probably have given up on it a while ago. Am also FINALLY getting around to my Sunday (cough) update. Heh. It will be done by the time you read this. I am feeling very relieved, and like I can take a tiny bit of a break for the rest of this week because my unsold goods from MDSW came back. I sold more than half of what I sent (yay!), so I feel pretty good about that. It’s funny…I always think I know what will sell and what won’t, and I am always wrong. Anyway, it means I have ten new items for market this weekend without even trying. *big sigh of relief*

This is good because I am behind on Mother’s Day/birthday prizes (I know, I know), and so am glad to have a couple nights to devote to finishing those up. I owe my Mims a Calorimetry (spun the yarn for this during the last market day), and I’m working a can’t-tell-you-much-except-its-needle-felted-and-I’m-really-excited-about-it something for my other Mom.

And because I cannot leave you without a pretty picture:


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