They’re heeeeeere!
I love them.
I knew I would love them.
But, I really love them.

Meet Alice:

She is on a lead, getting a tour of her new surroundings. She and her babe had not been exposed to much in the way of grazing, so they have been timid to leave the barn and enjoy the green-y goodness of Spring.
Baby Isobel:

Miss Isobel is very shy around us, but I know she will warm up as she watches her Mama. Alice is all about being noozled and pet, and she gives us lots of kisses. The Little Guy is a bit intimidated, as Alice is very curious about the small human. She just wants to sniff him all over and nibble the buttons off his clothes. They really do try to eat everything. Our neighbor gifted the Little Guy a tricycle, and Alice promptly ate the tassles off. Now we don’t bring toys inside the goat fence.

Isobel is almost weaned…we may be able to milk Alice, but we’re not sure. She’s very comfortable with C already, so it could happen.
Did I mention I love them?
I think there must be nothing more adorable than a romping baby goat.

In other news:

We made this:

Black gold, baby. Beautiful, loamy rich compost. Last year’s food scraps have become fuel for this year’s harvest. Ain’t that a beautiful thing? Note my high tech sifting method in the middle.

Here is a bit of my progress on the kitchen garden:

Sorry about the shadows strewn about that last image. Anyway, first shot is the tilled patch, weeded and ready to hoe. A lot. I now have some serious hoe muscles. This patch is a good thirty feet long by five feet wide. Middle shot is after mixing in some of the aforementioned fabulous compost. Finally, four raised beds ready for seeding. This will happen tomorrow.

, we’re finally using that sweet little book I bought from you a billion years ago! I really need to map it well, as I’m shooting to get not only culinary herbs, but medicinal and dye plants in there, too. Thirty feet sounds like a lot of space, but my pile of seed packets is enorm


And because no post is complete without a booty shot:


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