ABC meme-ness,…and stuff

Accent: um…northern California girl?

Breakfast or no breakfast: Always. Lots of it.

Chore I don’t care for: Cleaning bathrooms. Really, any cleaning involving sponges and water.

Dog or cat: Cat. A fluffy one that leaves dreadlocks all over the house.

Essential electronics: Laptop and the stereo. Yes we live in the dark ages and still use CDs, records and…cassettes.

Favorite cologne
: What’s cologne? Essential oils I use: sandalwood, vetiver, black coconut.

Gold or silver: um…steel?

Handbag I carry most often
: What’s a handbag? I carry a Timbuktu messenger bag (from back when they used to let you design your own)  

: Yes.

Job Title
: Artist? Mama? Neither of which I get paid for.

Kids: One three-year-old crazy bean.

Living arrangements: 200-year-old farmhouse.

Most admirable trait: Resourcefulness. Without it, we’d be starving.

Naughtiest childhood behavior: Stealing, although I hate the term “naughty,” (in reference to children, anyway).

Overnight hospital stay: Never.

Phobias: Elevators.

Quote: “The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white. Neither need you do anything but be yourself.” Lao-Tse

Reason to smile: My boy. Our garden. Good friends. Hope. (I suppose that would be reasons).

Siblings: 2 step-sisters, one a Mofo Maven, and the other a Roller Derby Queen.

Time I wake up: Between 5:30 and 6AM. I wait as long as possible to get out of bed, though.

Unusual skill or talent: Lately…hoeing. Yes, my back hurts. Usually, thought, it’s turning a pile of fluff into a beautiful piece of functional art.

Vegetable I refuse to eat: Cauliflower. I’ll eat it, but I think the stuff is awful. Besides, I think white vegetables are creepy, unless they’re roots.

Worst habit: Internet.

X-rays: Mouth.

Yummy stuff: Chocolate. French indigo lentils. Pecans. Kombucha.

Zoo animal I like most: It’s a tie between the Sun Bear and Otters.

I post this because I have too much to say right now, too much I’ve been thinking about, to make a real post. The state of of things (in this country, in the world) are weighing heavily on me and I’m in the midst of major life decisions that terrify me and give me hope all at the same time. We have had two glorious days of rain, thankfully, and all is dreary, wet and gray. In the moment, I can be happy. When I think outside of it, I feel paralyzed.

I carded the wool for this yarn, infusing it with Prayers for Rain. They were answered, and my seeds are happy:

Prayers for Rain corespun bits of everything, including wools, flax, sari silk and easter grass.

Market tomorrow. Off to spin.


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