-Am confoundedly not in panic about having weekend full of houseguests. Was feeling totally unprepared yesterday, but overnight somehow have experienced epiphany that going with the flow is something I am capable of. Really, is anybody going to care if my house is not immaculate, my flower garden isn’t weeded and I have laundry on the line? It’s okay. All of it. We all just want to play with fluff, anyway.

-Conversation overheard:
Little Guy: (standing at his play kitchen) I’m cooking!
Papa Creature: (curious) Whatcha cooking?
Little Guy: SALT!! (pause…and then, with glee) Out of my BUTT!!

-Corn, all manner of beans have sprouted. Brussel sprouts and all manner of tomato plants are in. Broccoli is healthy and lettuces are happy. Chocolate bell peppers and some greens remain to be transplanted. Then we tend, watch and wait until we have abundance of beautiful veggies.

-Have not been crafting. Too overwhelmed and busy with other life stuff. Am expecting major craft-fest to ensue immediately following spin camp weekend. Abundance of supplies for nuno and Gocco and fun new not-so-secret (well, not so secret if you come to Saturday Market) project have been ordered. I think I just need a kick-start, and a spinny weekend is just the thing.

-Expect gratuitous picture-post weekend re-cap on Monday.

-That is all.


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