I think that about sums it up. It was a fantastic group of spinners that came to my home for the Pluckyfluff Camp this past weekend. The studio was humming with creative energy, fiber and sparkle were flying this way and that, and beautiful yarns were born. I had the pleasure of sharing fiber glee with some super lovely people, some I’ve met before and some whom I’ve kept up with via blogs and Flickr, and others who are new in my life.

Lexi is an excellent instructor…clear, concise and patient. And she rock the fishnets, I must say.

The plying thread station (atop my son’s art table).

The pile o’ fiber. This is after the second day of pillaging. Still glorious.

Lendrum was clearly the preferred wheel for this crowd, a couple Louets and a couple Majacrafts, and Lexi’s Ashford rounded out the mix.

There are a few more pics on my Flickr.

No pics of me, ha ha, but you can see some more photos of the weekend on

‘s post.

Other things…
I made something.
It’s not yarn.
As of yet, I am no sewer, so my attempt at quilting was made with fiber, as a gift for my quilting mom.

Needle-felted “crazy quilt” pieces, each bordered by handstitching.

A few more pics on my Flickr.

I have been exhausted the past few days, so I apologize for the late update. I should be getting pics finished tomorrow morning and start updating the ol’ Etsy in the evening. I grossly overestimated my post-weekend perk factor. But, I have four fun yarns from the workshop, and have tons of stuff in the making this week for Market, and will be back to my Sunday update schedule this weekend.


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