…there is a bat in my studio.

A very angry bat.

I heard the cat chasing him/her the other night when we got back from the Robyn show (more on that later), but apparently she didn’t catch him. Shocking, really, as Nanni is an excellent huntress. I don’t even want to know what-all would be in my house if she wasn’t our roommate. Anyway, I heard them battling it out last night as well, and now this morning, the poor bat is unable to fly except for some hopping bursts, and is pissed off as hell. I get close enough to maybe toss a box over it and he lunges towards me, chattering violently with chompy, pointy teeth bared. So many of the bats in New England have been stricken with disease that I’m really not a big fan of this situation right now. I have a TON of work I need to do in there today. I’m sure it can’t even come close to biting me or anything like that right now, but I feel terrible tossing a box over this poor, injured bat. I wish Nanni had just eaten him/her like she usually does, but now all of the sudden she’s hiding and I wonder if it bit her?

Will go be brave soul now and just get the box over it…maybe slide some cardboard underneath and then take him/her…out to the barn? Outside? It’s daytime…I dunno. Any suggestions?

edit: Crap. Where the hell did it go?


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