The Season is Upon Us!

I’ve been accepted to the Twist Fair in Northampton Sept. 5th and 6th. Yay! Come see me! Any LJ peeps attending???

Am sending my app for SF Baz Biz into the ether tonight. *fingers and toes crossed!*

Have answered the challenge to my booth-perusers at market who say, “Wow, this yarn is really lovely, but I don’t knit or crochet.”:

is knotted rather than knitted, and there will be several different color variations available in the shop(s) in the coming days. It’s such a satisfying way to display the playful characteristics of corespun yarn. I need to take more pics with the light-as-air 11-foot scarf as a belt, headwrap, cowl…whatever!

Been playing with the ‘paca, too:

Zebrapaca batts!
100% natural alpaca, layered in black and white. When the resulting yarn is dry, will post…it’s fun! Will offer the batts up for sale in carded-to-order fashion, but want to have a yarn pic to share.

Headed out for a swim…the first one of the summer. Criminal.


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