it’s raining, it’s pouring

and so GRAY.

I shouldn’t have seasonal affective disorder in the middle of July, but this girl needs some vitamin D.

Good story: a dear friend of mine and I took our kidlets to a lovely farm yesterday to pick raspberries. They seemed a little picked-over when we started…I slowly filled a pint or two…and then this thing called the Sun (really awesome, hadn’t seen it in a week) came out. Within five minutes, berries that moments before had not been ready for picking,  began to ripen before our very eyes. Soon, we had 12 pints between us and left very satisfied.

So, now we are back to GRAY. And raining. Until Monday.

And I am off to card some wool the color the sky would be if it was paying any attention at all to the fact that it’s just about the middle of summer.

edit: Sexy tractor pics coming soon.


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