to market, to market…

It really is my favorite day of the week. I love my time in my booth to work and demo, to talk to folks all day about something I enjoy immensely.

I have some really fun projects to bring this time around, more knotted scarves, more beads, a pretty dress for Rhoda the Dressform.

I will be contemplating what to set up for a press visit to my studio this week…a video! Eek! It will be promotional for the Twist Fair, which I am busily crafting for (hence my lack of posting).

I’m wishing I sent better pics for my BBB app. I think I chose some things that were too arty. I really just need to stop worrying about it, or else I’m going to chew my fingers off, and I really need my fingers.

I didn’t get the acceptance letter to SFBB that I had hoped for, but I am an alternate, and there may be some outdoor space available. I think it’s great that there a different judges and vendors from year to year. It keeps things fresh and exciting for both the shoppers and new vendors. So. We will be out there for a family visit, anyway, so it’s not like I need to hold off on travel plans until I find out for sure. I’m just going to stop thinking about it until there’s something decided, and go ahead planning the family stuff.

Exciting non-biz related stories to share, but for now…off to market..


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