Just in case you didn’t know,…the gaping maw of a hungry lion is no match for a garden trowel.

Or is it the other way around? Yes, yes it is.

So, the little guy and I went for a walk up a road near our house, a dirt road that follows the brook. We were on our way to a neighbor’s house…we haven’t met them, but were invited through a mutual friend to come and pick blueberries. Nearly a mile up the road, as the houses are fewer and further between, and the sound of the main road quiets…I remembered something. I remembered that some different neighbors on that road had found HALF of their dog the other morning, that there have been a few mountain lion sightings. So, I looked about me…in the stroller I had a water bottle, a banana peel…and a garden trowel. Yes, a garden trowel. I am conscientious, and if my kid needs to shit in the woods, we’re gonna bury it. So, of course, I started imaging all the scenarios in which this mountain lion will approach me, and how I could possibly defend myself and my child with a garden trowel. I mean, this cat ate most of a golden retriever. It would have no problem disemboweling me. Needless to say, so close to our destination, I high-tailed it back down the hill. I felt silly, but really, wouldn’t a mountain lion laugh his head off at a garden trowel? SO, we then drove back up the hill, picked several quarts of the biggest, roundest, loveliest blueberries EVER and promptly made a luscious cobbler. True Story.

In other news:


Less than two weeks. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.
Still to finish:
-20 of super-secret-project (yarn is already spun/washed/dried, ribbons are here, rag rug is nearly torn apart, beads/buttons/clasps are here and that’s all the hint you’re going to get).
-20 more felt scarves (wool is dyed and dried)
-10 more knotted scarves (yarn is mostly spun)
-a few more yarns

Am not bothering with cards or spin-kits. Am not bothering with sleep.
In make, make, make mode.
Enjoying it, though.
I do love me a deadline, oh yes I do.
I used to write 20-page research papers the night/morning before they were due, waltz into class late and bleary-eyed, but with a perfect paper in my hand.
I get like that before a show. The two-week countdown puts me in hyper-creative overdrive. I am suddenly flooded with new ideas and oodles of crafty mojo.
Earl Grey tea is my best friend.


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