Twist Report!

First things first:

Yes, I finally met sarahcoyne and suncloudedover in real life, and we were all thrilled to discover that not a one of us is a serial killer. We all slept peacefully in our beds after 4 hours of vending Friday night and a ridiculous giggle-fest induced by our lack of sleep the night before. Anyway, my suite-mates/table neighbors are two seriously delightful folks.

About the event:
Twist was super well-organized and promoted, with a sweet, eclectic mix of vendors. I was pleased as punch to be among them. Until the monsoon began on Saturday evening, we had a pretty steady stream of customers come through on both days, and I did very well. I enjoyed being in a smaller room off the main room…it was nice and cozy. I was able to make a few rounds, and I just have to say I completely fell in mad deep love with fern animalsI want a whole menagerie of Ashley’s adorable critters.
I also made some awesome trades. Soooooooo happy to have come home with an egg-a-go-go original (giraffe topiary = love), some beautiful glasswork by Katie Richardson,  a luscious bamboo scarf by fiskandfern, and a beautiful batt by craftyscientist .

So, yeah, the lovely Twist Crew fed us, beveraged us, provided endless support and ultimately created a top-notch craft show with plans already in the works for Twist Fair 2.0 in the Spring.

I looked like this: 

Look, look! I finally got the shawl pattern into a nice, printed format. Will offer this and pdf download this week when I finally update my sad little Etsy shop!

After the show, we loaded up our vehicles during a downpour that left me driving home blindly and soaked to the bone. It was probably the scariest drive home EVER, but I made it back and have given myself a couple days off to rest. Next up: get some goods together for Urban Fauna in SF!
That’s all for now…gotta pick up the kiddo.


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