my goats!
I do, I really do.


Catchin’ a snooze in the afternoon.
Sometimes I want to be a goat. The eat and they nap and they lick my hands. The simple life.

But, I do very much like to make things other than nanny berries. Here’s some recent stuffs:

It will be nice to get back into the groove of the saturday farmer’s market, and quietly prepare for BBB. I am making myself a promise to squirrel things away and build my inventory over the next couple of months, so’s I can avoid the madness of my typical pre-show procrastination. Before Twist, I had rushed a very goofy kinda sloppy tablecloth, and I do not plan on using it again. In fact, I’m revamping the whole look of my website, logo, etc. I just don’t feel like they represent me very well, and I want to tone it down a bit. I’ll be making a nice banner on some muslin fabric to hang in front of some grey/blue batik tablecloths.

Blah, blah. Oh, and I made amazing banana-peanut butter-chocolate chip muffins this afternoon and completely spoiled my son’s appetite for dinner. But we had fun and muffins with fresh chevre on top is a perfectly acceptable meal, right? 


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