overdue plug

…for Von Allen, of the dynamic duo vonandmoggy and his new book, Li’l Kids! Available for purchase HERE and as a free pdf EBook HERE! Read it, love it!
Notes from Amazon:

"Li’l Kids: ‘road to god knows.’ adventures" are three short stories that feature the whimsy and wonder of being a young girl. From meeting new friends, dealing with an ill mom, or triumphing over a nasty super villain in a dream, "Li’l Kids" shows a unique side of being a child. A short story collection told in comics form, the stories all feature Marie, the protagonist from the original graphic novel "the road to god knows." In addition, this collection features all the scripts plus conceptual writing for each story and also background and concept art. Recommended if you’ve enjoyed Terry Moore’s "Strangers in Paradise", Jeff Smith’s "Bone", and Mark Crilley’s "Akiko."

I’ve enjoyed following the road to god knows at GIRLAMATIC, the web-comic that introduced us to Marie. So, go meet her if you haven’t already, and you will be charmed.

And here’s a plug for me: I am starting, finally, to add things to my Etsy shop again.
Just a wee bit at a time over the next little while, as I usually only have small chunks of time on the computer to load up a listing or two.

Twiggy is my favorite Twist leftover. He needs a home!

I was jazzed to see there’s a knitter’s weekend at Green Mountain Spinnery, not that I could really go, but it’s a nice thought. Then, I saw that most of the weekend is focused on SOCKS, and became very NOT sorry that I will miss it. Am I really the only knitter that thinks knitting socks is a form of torture??? Whatever happened to sweaters? 


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