punkins, punkins

I hauled a few hundred pounds of pumpkins in a wheelbarrow today. I had to move the harvest so’s we could actually mow the backyard (in the process, mulching most of the squash vines). I have no idea if any of these are going to be edible, but they sure are pretty. Our soil was a little lacking in richness, but we’re sheet mulching and manuring before the snow comes and it should be much better next year.

Speaking of harvests, we’ll be apple-picking as soon as the weather allows. I’m hoping for a few bushels for the basement. And now, I have a sparkly new pile of apple recipes to play with. THANK YOU carryboo !!! I’ll be apple-ing all winter (and I think I’ll start with the "Cake for Elves" and not just because it’s for elves and maybe they’ll come and have dessert with us if I bake it).

And because there’s nothing purple in this post:

Basket Flower

I received a seed packet of Basket Flower as a bonus in our Spring seed order a couple years ago. This year, I finally decided to plant them, and now I want a whole field of them. They are madly beautiful. I brought in a few as cut flowers, and each day they open more, completely changing shape over and over again. The color in the yarn aren’t right-on (the purple isn’t quite pink enough), but the white on purple is what reminded me of the flower.


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