It’s the little things…

Yes, I just discovered I could change the settings on my system preferences to enable a right-click with my track pad. Very exciting, this! 

So now, even though I have no idea where my mouse is, I can show you THIS:


Could we look any more unimpressed with our costume? Hmmm? 
Actually, he had a lot of fun in it, and I got a little taste of what my mom would probably call "payback" for all the ridiculous sewing I made her do for my Halloween costumes through the years. I sewed pieces of felt to his wool balaclava, whilst trying to make sure I’ll be able to take it all apart later (as the balaclava is an essential item in a child’s wardrobe about eight months out of the year here), and ran wire through the ears. The intention was to be able to pose the ears in a floppy way, but they were so hilarious standing straight up that I just had to leave them that way.

Most of the time, though, he wore this face, so it was all worth it:

C and I looked like this:

We didn’t scare anyone.

In practical, everyday costuming, I’m working on something purty for the poppet:

It’s a cozy sweater, and when it’s finished (almost!), I will be exceedingly envious of the warm little bean. I played with some Fibonacci inspired striping…the Little Guy has promised a short photo session once it’s finished, as I’m sure it will be the only un-stained, perfect moment in the life of this sweater.
Mine is up next, but I’m trying something new: Finishing What I Start. I imagine a sense of completion is a rather comforting thing. There are currently six projects on needles right now, and I’ll be ticking them all off this month, even as I bust my arse for the BBB and various local holiday craft events.
I let myself off the hook and celebrated the end of Farmer’s Market season by taking a week off. Technically, I did do some carding today, and some listing earlier in the week, but myself and my wheel have rested…probably a silly thing to do with the holiday season fast approaching, but I figure I’ll have a fresh new bee in my bonnet and will quickly make up for the down-time.

There are things brewing…like moving my studio, but more on that later. In the meantime I need to figure out how I’m going to get my sauerkraut going when there is not a spot in my house consistently above 60 degrees. Yikes. And brrrrrrrr….


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