…because I need An Outlet

Oh, nevermind. I was going to rant.
But I’m just too tired.
And I’m really excited about this new thing I’m embracing called Optimism.

Onto Other Matters of Grave Importance:

I think this week may be Autumn’s Last Hurrah. It’s waaaaaaaarm…like upper 50s. Balmy! But, it’s going to get cold over the weekend, and then colder. I really think this might be it…the air is just damp and heavy…it will rain this weekend, but it turns to snow next week. I’m ready, though. Excited, even.
When there’s a fire in the wood stove, I get a lot more spinning done. Though, I’m a little spaced out about show prep right now…the usual kick in the arse that a deadline gives me is failing me at the moment. I’m inspired, and have a TON of projects on the brain, but the motivation to manifest them is just not there.
I have finally found a few sources of next-to-the-skin soft wool in my neck of the woods…it will take some time, probably several months for it to be processed at the local mill. In the meantime, I have some fancy organic merino coming my way from across the sea for this season’s felting and spinning adventures, plus some local wool blend from New Hampshire, domestic rescue wools, and local Vermont alpaca.

I think I’m trying to inspire myself.

And here, I will joyfully say farewell to Autumn with, what else but a yarn shot:


Three words, King Winter: BRING IT ON!


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