In Between…

…rounds of soaking yarn and knit pieces to set their sweet little twists and stitches.
I should be felting, but there is always the wee hours.
Thought I would procrastinate a little further in my pre-BBB activities to finally do the 7 Things meme that the fabulous Steph of Rivulette
tagged me for ages ago…

1. I used to be a Certified Spinning Instructor and worked at the best rock gym ever, The Berkeley Iron Works. And no, I didn’t have one of those cheesy, new-fangled mic things or fancy mirrors and flashy bikes…we just shouted at our students the old-fashioned way and were seriously hardcore cyclists when we were out on the road. "And we’re gonna sprint! In ONE, TWO, THREE…GO!!!!"

2. I am hopelessly in love with Horatio Hornblower of the series of historical fiction by CS Forester. I never pegged myself for a fan of Napoleonic era seafaring tales, but C started reading them aloud to me a couple years ago and I was utterly ensnared. Fortunately for C, he and Horatio are so alike it’s uncanny. Hee. I think there are 11 books, and we’ve made it through 8 of them…he reads while I’m spinning. We’ve taken a break from Hornblower for the Space Trilogy by CS Lewis.

3. I avoid chores that involve water. Give me a broom or a vacuum, folding/ironing clothes, general straightening up, anything rhythmic and dry and I will do it all happily. Ask me to wash dishes, mop (ugh) or clean the bathroom and I’ll probably grumble at you.

4. Yosemite is probably my favorite place on the whole planet. I used to rock climb there and really miss it, but I have plans to bring climbing back into my life in the Spring. Apparently there are a few little bouldering spots around here and I just need to ask the right folks where to find them…

5. I have recently become addicted to black tea with honey and milk. I honestly have no idea how I got so far in life without it.

6. I almost went to culinary school…in between when i was a theatre major and finally settling on photography for my BA. I have a fierce passion for baking, especially, and love to tweak recipes over and over again to make them my own. Makes me feel like I’m conjuring love spells…nothing says "I Love You" like a cocoa spice muffin infused with joy.

7. I gave birth to my son at home, in Ashland, OR, with the help of a midwife. 7 months later, we moved to southern Vermont. The little guy’s placenta is in a freezer in California, and I have yet to write the story of our journey and plant a tree…


I feel like I need a list ala the super-duper sarahcoyne to help keep me focused for the rest of the week (and this time I really will come back to it and check my progress):

Finish blocking handknits
Soak finished yarns that have not yet been washed

Inspect the goofy tree my mom sent for my table (yay, ornaments!)
Sew some ornaments
Set up for 3 regular scarves and 2 freeform.
After little guy goes to bed tonight: felt them! 
Spin for a couple knotted scarves

Knot up the yarns I have ready for knotted scarves (spun last week)
Work on signage for my table

Knot up the knotted scarf yarns from Tuesday (which should be washed and dried by now)
Work on my banner…oil pastels on canvas…fun!
Set up for Friday AM felting…6 scarves

Transport goats to the new place, perhaps a few of our non-essentials and studio stuff
Sew more ornaments
Set up for Saturday AM felting

Move a few more things to the new place
Pack the car in the PM.

Leave at the ass-crack of dawn for BBB! (don’t forget the felt that is probably still on the drying rack!!!)



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