…are all I’ve got time for this morn between all the runnings around of the last few and the next few days…

-Excitement: I’m looking at a studio space in town on Friday. I think I will be so much more focused and productive if I have a space away from home, animals, children, husband (read: distractions). As much as I love them all, I never get to take full advantage of work-time when I have it. I am also more than 100% sure that the extra time I will be able to spend on new ideas will create enough income to more than justify paying for a workspace away from home. Plus, I have the added benefit of having Open Studio hours and participating in Gallery Walk each month, plus shows in the downstairs gallery of the building. Bonus party: a meditation space on the top floor. Wish me luck!

-Our solstice plans were all skewed due to weather…we are now celebrating more Christmas than we had planned on, but oh well. It’s all one big holiday week for us, anyway, although C has to work through Christmas Eve evening. Bah and humbug.

-Kiddo opened up a suitcase the other day and called it his "Water Bottle Shop." He was a "seller" and his wares were milk and water. I’m not sure the buyer’s purchase actually included any sort of bottle, which was the best part. Oh, and pretty much everything in his "shop" was $50. Sure am banking on some super-duper mineral-rich water at that price!

-I really enjoyed being snowed in. I even really enjoyed shoveling myself back out again. I would prefer that the Pacific Northwest trade me their upcoming snow for our upcoming sleet, as I would rather ride out another snow storm than deal with ice on the roads again. Although, it’s a damn good excuse to stay in, knit and drink cocoa.


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