Travel Log

I took short notes on my journey from Burlington today.

JFK Airport = totally effing strange…especially these funny-squishy-60s-style-not-quite-beanbag-chair-thingies by the big windows

Six-toed cat being walked/dragged on a leash…an orange fluffball on deep blue carpet…rolls in sunbeam…tug, tug

Totally wigged-out dogs! everywhere!

Tense people, cursing people, relaxed people, laughing people

Speaking slowly, softly to herself, shallow breath…

Missing missing missing

Arms crossed, I’m watching you

Must get out of squishy-strange-chair-thingie…Saved By the Bell re-runs make me want to do something awful

An i-pod vending machine…are you kidding me?

Can’t sit down to wait for my plane…people think their baggage needs a chair to sit on

So glad I forgot my COAT

Confounded by Rubik’s Cube

Valve that controls the temperature in the cabin is BROKEN. Great.


Might as well be snowing in here.

Why, oh why, am I knitting a sweater on size 5 needles?

Amputation (feels like)…miss my boys.

Pulling up to gate and the Rubik’s Cube is just as far from solved

Anyway, made it to California. Wish I were in Vermont.


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