It is dragging on and on.

The bulky flyer assembly on my spinning wheel. Mr. Lendrum, however, is a very kind man, was "flabbergasted" at my troubles with the wheel and insists I send him the sad parts for his perusal.

Did I mention the moving is dragging on an on? I wish I could fit all my belongings in a covered wagon and be done with it. Instead of using the pack it all up and rent a truck method, we’ve been limping along carload by carload. It will still be at least a week before I get my studio stuff moved over. It is killing me slowly to have a thousand new ideas and none of my crafty supplies nor the space in which to play. I did, however, bring my non-broken wheel parts and will be able to spin small, fine yarns in the meantime. Methinks it might be a nice departure.

…Dreaming and Scheming.
Plans for the biz.
Plans for my life.

Good night.


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