Gong Xi Fa Cai

…wishing you to be prosperous in the new year…

hard work
prosperity through fortitude

Welcome to the Year of the Ox

Don’t know ’bout ya’ll, but I plan on working my arse off this year…I will make the ox proud.

Still learning about my new life…some things about sharing a living space are so much easier…some things are quite challenging. But not at all in the ways I expected…
The biggest struggle for me is erecting boundaries…as in, retaining my own personal rhythms rather than simply melting into the flow that existed here before we moved in. But then again, maybe that isn’t important at all…maybe my rhythms can use some adjustment…A huge blessing is that our two families jive really well and I know we will all be enriched by the experience. Most importantly, we all genuinely like each other and are building friendships, learning and sharing, creating…it’s a beautiful thing. We have many similar goals and will all benefit from the mutual support.

Today, I get back into my spinning…the studio is still not ready to be heated, but it’s fine for the wool to be frozen…I grab what I need and bring it up to the house for now…there are many events to prepare for…Stitches West, the SF Quilt Show…as well as finally updating my own shop so it doesn’t look quite so ridiculously bare when I apply to upcoming shows.

The moving process is starting to slow down, although we still have a lot to do at the house. We are hoping a potential renter becomes more than just potential after coming to see the place this weekend. That would certainly give us more impetus (as if we needed it) to finish up over there, and take a great weight of worry off our backs. It was not the right place for us, but it is a beautiful old farmhouse and I would hate for it not to be lived in and loved by someone who can appreciate it and care for it.

Here’s to a productive Monday…off to the wheel!


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