It was warm enough in the studio today to play with the carder for more than five minutes. Hooray for a little teaser thaw!

I made these:

Some are for my shop and some are for Urban Fauna

I have been absent, yes. Winter melancholy is really sinking in…it was warm today, the moonlight is bright and sparkling, but another snap of cold is sure to follow, and it turns me inward…I am ready for Spring and planting veggies and opening windows and muddy boots and only two layers of clothing instead of six.

I hate to say it, but we’re still moving…there is a renter moving in March 1st, though, so we have added impetus to complete the process and just be done with it already. One of us has to get out there each day to feed the chickens, who are still holding down the old fort, waiting for their chicken coop to be finished on this side of Hwy 9.
C has been sick on his days off every week for the past three weeks, hence the slow progress…on pretty much everything. It’s hard for him to get well when every exposed orifice gets filled with shredded paper all day. He’s always pulling chunks of it out of his eyes and ears, constantly blowing it out of his nose. Gross.
However, after the job he’s working on is finished, it looks like his hours will be pretty dramatically cut. The economic crisis has finally trickled it’s way down into the cellulose insulation industry.

So. I’m getting my arse in gear, applying to shows and regularly updating the ol’ Etsy. Starting with tonight’s ball update and continuing with some yarn and felt scarves throughout the week.

Oh, and I tried hanging out with a new friend:

Apparently we have zero chemistry. Needless to say, our relationship is already suffering. Sigh. We’ll try to work it out, though, so no details for now.

Mr. Lendrum, however, has come through above and beyond…LOVE HIM. New parts are on the way to me now, at no charge. LOVE HIM.

And now I shall attempt to rest even though the night seems brighter than the day and this giant round moon makes me crazy. Chocolate cookies have been washed down with peppermint tea and the house kitties are on the prowl, waiting for me to turn off the light so they can use their night eyes.

I’ll leave you with this:

I made a hat. (Rav link)
I love it.


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