Um…Please Explain.

We set up some snow bowling outside yesterday, and then the kiddos wanted to go bowling at a "real" bowling alley…

So we took them and here’s my question: What in (insert your deity of choice here)’s name is this Candlepin Bowling? Is this a New England thing? If anything will make me move back to California, it might be this. Really. The ball is just big enough that my hand doesn’t fit around it and the shape of the pins was…oddly disconcerting. 

ETA: I would have liked Candlepin a LOT better if the balls were just a shade smaller to accommodate those of us with stumpy thumbs. And I’m just kidding…I  LOVE NEW ENGLAND.

Oh, and I test-knit this pattern for Lee of Leethal:

Some funky striping handspun from the early days…
Fun! But not my colors…


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