Managed it…

…through the haze of my fever-y evening: an update (of the Etsy variety).

I would really love NOT to be sick. I’m not very good at it. I’m a grumping, miserable patient, especially when C is gone doing the last bit of clean-out of the farmhouse and I’m left to keep the little guy entertained or at least prevent him from abusing his house-siblings. He was very easy-going, however, when he got in touch with his feminine side and dressed up as a Queen in his playsilks:

And yes, that’s a dragon costume hanging up behind him, and yes, I wish it fit me.

atomhearteve put some funny ideas in my head, and now I am pining for redwoods and California granite.

Although, there is an 8-year-old who’s really excited about teaching me to ski today. I’m anticipating some hilarious moments.

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