The Little Guy and I…we stand alone in wellness, looking down over the wreckage that turned our home into The Vomitorium. We’ve pounded the probiotics, the honey-lemon and elderflower teas, smoothies of homemade yogurt and summer berries. We step over the casualties…3/4 of the household brought down, and we are ready for them to all feel better so we can have normal meals again, use the bathroom whenever we want, and in my case, to get some work done again.

still have not ordered my camera. The whole wheel thing really has made me nervous about investing in any moderately expensive piece of equipment for my business. I can find the Xsi for $600 or $219 depending on the website. My gut says go for the reputable biz that I’ve trusted for photography equipment forever and pay the higher price, rather than take my chances with a place that is obviously selling it for less than cost or perhaps it’s just a knock-off???? Ugh. I really should look into whether or not there’s a place in Bratt I can go to buy locally if I’m just going to pay full price anyway. I excel at making things a lot harder than they need to be.

In other news, there are several things I’m prepping for:
Twist Fair, May 1 and 2, Northampton, MA
Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, May 2 and 3, West Friendship, MD (sending my stuff down with the Cloverhill Yarn Shop…I won’t be there myself)
Still on the fence about applying to the BUST Spring Fling Craftacular and Art Star in Philly. If I don’t apply to BUST I’ll be doing a local fiber fest that weekend in Jamaica, VT. I’m just worried about putting too much on my plate right before moving.
Anyone do the Spring Fling last year? Any thoughts? I did the BUST Holiday Craftacular the first year of the event, but haven’t applied to any of their events since. It’s kind of a long haul to a very unfamiliar place for me, but now I have some family in that area so it could be a fun trip on the train.

And then there’s filling up consignment/wholesale accounts…I want to have everyone taken care of before I take a month or so off during the move.

Speaking of, we are now in the planning stages, trying to figure out how the heck we’re going to get ourselves and our stuff 3000 miles west. The way we did it last time was ridiculously expensive…we’re hoping to find some info about train cars but research is less than fruitful. Anyone have a transporter we can borrow? Preferably one that won’t bring us to the other side as insects, please.

Oh, and it’s snowing today.
Happy Thursday!


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