For many reasons.

Firstly, THANK YOU everyone SO VERY MUCH for all the well wishes. They worked! I am feeling tons better this weekend…still taking it easy, but starting to eat more than soup and smoothies, and just overall feeling like an almost-normal version of myself.

Secondly, the new camera came while I was in hospital and I played with it a bit yesterday. Hello learning curve! Whoooooooo…but, when I get my SLR legs back, I know I’m going to love this thing.

Thirdly, SPRING IS HERE. Like, in an obvious way. Proof:

Romping animals. Notice there is one dog digging, another rolling about and chickens just plain chickening all over the place, pecking at dirt! and dead vegetation! (read: stuff that ISN’T COVERED IN SNOW).

And there’s been some of this;

And this guy:

It went like this:
(on phone, Me in the hospital bed, C on the phone at home)
Will he talk to me? 
C: I don’t know…let me check…(to little guy) Do you want to talk to Mama? (can be heard in background: Where is she?) She’s still at the doctor’s…want to talk to her? (little guy: No.) He doesn’t want to talk on the phone. (little guy to C: Are there toys at the hospital?) I don’t know…Shannon, are there toys at the hospital? 
Me: Why don’t you have him ask me?
C: Why don’t you ask Mama that? (there is a pause. and some shuffling about)
LG: (reluctantly) OK. (a pause) Mama, are there toys at the hospital?
Me: No, sweet pea. Are yo- (stops herself as she realizes phone has been dropped. breathes long sigh.)

But he was very glad to see me when I got home. Really.


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