This week…

*I made things.

*And ate things.

*And my baby turned FOUR.

I made these: 

They were awesome, flourless carob cake bunnies, with cream cheese frosting and carob sauce, which probably sounds disgusting to most chocolate purists (which I am), but they were delicious and not intended to taste like chocolate. I prefer to think of carob as being most like a date or a raisin, and when enjoyed in that context, it tastes totally amazing. The little guy had requested raisin cupcakes for weeks before his birthday and then changed his mind to chocolate at the last minute. I made up this compromise seeing as how chocolate induces hours of insanity in him, and no, I am not exaggerating. He was thrilled.

There was card opening:

And homemade Mac and Cheese (with tons of broccoli…it was DELICIOUS)

I was delightfully surprised that rice pasta was not, in fact, disgustingly mushy. I thought it had a very pleasing texture and was perfect for a baked dish. I thought this birthday dinner would make me the best mom EVER and thrill him beyond belief seeing as how I never ever cook pasta, but he was non-plussed and hardly touched it. After dinner he said that he didn’t need any more cake because he’d had some at school earlier in the day. Apparently, he inherited will power from someone else in the family.

My little weirdo:

Love him!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first question out of his mouth this morning was "How do rocket ships go up in the sky?"

Whoa. How did we get here.

I put the house in his birthday ring to represent the journey to our new home…he’s getting really excited about it (as are we)…and much of his imaginary play is centered around going to California. He got a pail and beach tools from his Nonna and spent much of yesterday "digging" on the bed beach. "When will it be summer?"

If only there weren’t totally overwhelming preparations to be made before we get to a California beach or I would be frolicking in imaginary sand right along with him. We were hoping for a POD for moving our stuff (’cause I’d really like to take the train across), but it seems that, even though they service 48 states, Vermont isn’t one of them. Another option we are exploring is a freight car…this seems so ridiculous, but we are bringing building materials and insulation materials and a cookstove and and…much more than we would normally move…so things get BIG and heavy really quickly. Plus, we’ll need storage when we get there because the place is not exactly move-in ready. Basically, we need to be able to put our stuff in a box, move the box, and then keep the stuff in the box for a while after we get it there. Must be a way…

Back to taking the train across…looks like we can stop in NYC, Kansas City (

 : hang out for a day or two at the end of May, bake things and knit things?!??), Santa Fe and then San Francisco. However, Amtrak website is not helping me figure it all out. Will talk to a human on Monday. Same for the Pod People. There just must be a way…

Alright, now he just asked, "Can you drink blood?"
It’s time to go have breakfast.



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