It’s official

I’m going to miss this place.

I’ve been spending my days in a wistful haze, quietly drinking in sounds and smells, trying to take in as much of this amazing seasonal transition as I can…knowing the seasonal shifts in the redwoods will be the merest of subtleties compared to the utter bursting forth that is a New England Spring.

I’m going to miss this girl, too:

My Alice.
But she’s a Vermont girl and has zero interest in long journeys and the salty sea. She likes bracken. And lots of it. And she probably won’t miss me all that much. Or at all. But I’m okay with this.

Really, I’m okay with all of this. If only because I am very distracted with the fact that I have only two more weeks until Twist and less than that to ship out for Maryland Sheep and Wool.
I have been mad prepping:

Have not even begun work on the shiny new thing that I intend to have ready for both. Luckily, I can run remarkably well on very little sleep.

Since C has been back and housemates have still been away, there has been family time and even a few quiet moments in the day…I had forgotten what it was like. We are quite the efficient little unit when we have our own space and time to manage. I really enjoy not needing to schedule my laundry and showers.

C leaves soon…in a few weeks time. A solo drive. The whole storage idea became ridiculously expensive. So, the standard moving rig it is, and we’ll just have to move everything around a lot when we work on things like the floors and such. The little guy and I are still planning on taking the train…just the two of us…a few weeks behind C so he can get some of the more major work done without having to worry about kid-safety, or un-safety as the case may be.

I’m going now to soak up the remaining bits of this glorious Spring day. And eat a popsicle.


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