A Post…all proper-like

Hello there, internets! 

I have been absent for so many reasons.

1: Prepping for shows…one down, one to go before we move! For a report on Twist Fair, scroll down.
2: Playtime and yummy things with good friends.
3: Our internets was brokity-broke. For more than a week, which made it easy to fall off the posting-horse.
4: A general malaise about the impending uprooting of my life…
5: Many trips to the pond.
6: More, I’m sure, but who cares? Here I am! 

That whole malaise thing is boring me to tears, so I’m pretty much done with it. I have no choice but to go with the flow and see where this takes me, so I might as well make the best of it. There are dear friends, fog, old growth trees and granite to climb…all waiting for me at the end of this, and hundreds of other Items of Goodness I could note if I just put away the fear. Right here in this little box.

And if nothing else keeps me going, I have two New England visits already planned for the fall.

Customer flow left something to be desired…there were some pretty long lulls of zero traffic, especially on Saturday…maybe it’s the economy or maybe it’s that no one could get into town and park because of the Pride parade/rally/thing that was happening downtown. I did pretty well, anyway, and received some really amazing and validating feedback. Sadly, there were quite a few folks who mentioned that they would buy something if they, say, had a job or weren’t broke. Being in that same boat myself, I wished I could have plunked it down for some of the other great vendors there, but the almighty Swap be praised, I did make some awesome trades.
The Candy Thief and Bill Pickles ( ) were my neighbors. They were swell and didn’t think I was crazy when I was on a moth-murdering rampage (they were flying around in the venue and seemed very interested in my stuff…my guess is that costumes are stored somewhere on that floor of the building…don’t know for sure). I’m 99.9% sure I didn’t bring any of those little bastards home with me, but all my goods are on a freezer rotation just to be 100%…
Casey helped me start my Candy Thief collection, and here she is sporting her Spun Monkey acquisition:

There were clowns harrassing amusing the vendors and shoppers, one of which was very impressed by my partner-in-vendoring whipping out a pen and a key to start a knitting project with…

Here’s my set-up:


New neck warmers modeled by Lacey (btw, these were the "shiny new thing" I referred to in a previous post):

Lots of other nuno:

Friday was full of fabulous…it started with a journey to the venue with my good friend Stacey who, not only chauffeured and kept me company at my table, but also took us to her family’s cabin that night for our few hours of sleep. Sans children for the weekend, we shared a semi-fancy dinner before the show…I had forgotten how relaxing it is to have a meal with only adults at the table. And to have someone else cook it for me and clean it up! Extreme luxury.

After the Friday night installment of the show, we ate sugar with  where we declared our love for otters, expounded upon the virtues of fried foods and lost and found her wallet.

I have now taken a two-day break which, while a lovely thing to do for myself, does not help me prepare for the Jamaica Fiber Festival a week from Saturday.
Too bad I spent most of yesterday afternoon/evening trying to remember how to breathe after being attacked by my Most Deadliest of Enemies: buckwheat flour on the Co-op floor. It was my worst reaction yet, so I’ve made an appointment to get an allergy panel and talk about whether or not I should be carrying around one of those EpiPens. I am staunchly anti-pharmaceutical, but when C told me he was going to start carrying around a knife and a ballpoint pen just in case he has to give me an emergency tracheotomy next time, I figure manufactured adrenaline is maybe a saner, more sanitary alternative.



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